Blogging, the nihilist impulse

По интернетов може да се најдат милион разни текстови, критики пофалби и ред други работи за блоговиве. Но се`уште потешко се сретнуваат академски текстови кои се обидуваат да ги изанализираат блоговите низ призмата на постоечките „медиа теории”.

In an excerpt from a forthcoming book, media theorist and Internet activist Geert Lovink writes about “Blogging, the nihilist impulse”. Lovink manages to formulate an embryo of a theory of weblogs that goes beyond the usual rethoric of citizens’ journalism. Blogs bring on decay, writes Lovink. What’s declining is the “Belief in the Message”. Instead of presenting blog entries as mere self-promotion, we should interpret them as decadent artifacts that remotely dismantle the broadcast model.

Geert Lovink е автор на блогот „net critique” хостиран од Institute of Network Cultures

Јас стигнав со читање некаде до половина и успеав да издвојам неколку пасоси кои ми се допаднаа. До крајов на денов планирам да седнам и нараат (испечатен на хартија) да го прочитам овој текст. Во продолжение некои (за мене) интересни делови од текстот:

…To “blog” a news report doesn’t mean that the blogger sits down and thoroughly analyzes the discourse and circumstances, let alone checks the facts on the ground. To blog merely means to quickly point to news fact through a link and a few sentences that explain why the blogger found this or that factoid interesting or remarkable, or is disagrees with it. …

…What ordinary blogs create is a dense cloud of “impressions” around a topic. Blogs will tell you if your audience is still awake and receptive. Blogs test. They allow you to see whether your audience is still awake and receptive. In that sense we could also say that blogs are the outsourced, privatized test beds, or rather unit tests of the big media. …

…As Baudrillard states: “All of our values are simulated. What is freedom? We have a choice between buying one car or buying nother car?”17 And to follow Baudrillard, we could say that blogs are a gift to humankind that no one needs. This is the true shock. Did anyone order the development of blogs? There is no possibility to simply ignore blogs and live the comfortable lifestyle of a wentieth−century “public intellectual”. …

Целиот текст се наоѓа тука: Blogging, the nihilist impulse а PDF верзија тука (100 KB)

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