‘The Simpsons’ announces the death of print

Изгледа со нетрпение ќе чекам да се појави на црниот пазар последната епизода на The Simpsons. Според гласините низ интернетов “обработувала” интересна тема со доста интересни забелешки 🙂

Еве го видеото кое беше повлечено од YouTube, а стои објавенo на Gewker

Your medium is dead – Watch more free videos

Реакции, преземени од newsroomnext

  1. MediaBistro “And Moe also noted how much journos like to drink.”
  2. Suchandrika “Print is withering, and it won’t ever fully die, but the change from one system to another will be a protracted process, and probably fairly painful.”
  3. Steve Outing “A joke for we media geeks.”
  4. My Musings 2.0 “If that’s not reason enough to change, I hope the declining stock shares, tumbleweed infested newsrooms and a distrusting, stimulation hungry audience provide the news media with a much-needed catalyst.”
  5. Eaves “You know things are bad when even the Simpsons are making fun of you. It means your (impending) death has permeated the popular culture.”
  6. Print CEO From the comments: “Yet as one door closes a new one opens.”
  7. Your World Today “Yet, most advertisers (specially in Halifax) still utilize print mediums as the main vehicle for their commercial messages.”
  8. Media Biz “Now that’s probably a bit harsh.”
  9. Rex Hammock “…it’s a rather amusing few seconds.”

Прашањето на Michael Amedeo Tumolillo ми се чини на место: If ‘The Simpsons’ says the print newspaper business is doomed, is it true?

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3 Comments ‘The Simpsons’ announces the death of print

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