Во еден розов свет…

… се е така убаво и среќно и сите инвестираат каде што имаат потреба и сите добиваат пари за она што им треба. Барем така мене ми изгледаат некои од современиве општестава (малку наивно ама убаво ми е 🙂

Reuters has pledged 1.75 million pounds sterling to help fund a new institute of journalism at Oxford University. The institute will be part of the department of politics and international relations and the ambition of Dr. John Hood, vice chancellor of the university, is for it to become “one of the most authoritative sources of reliable analysis of journalism at an international, national and local level.”

The institute “will focus on analysing the practice of journalism worldwide and examining the basis for reliable and accurate reporting in the digital age.” All areas of the news media will be focused on by the institute.

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