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Ту комент ор нот ту комент

Деновиве многу МК блогери се опседнати со модерирањето на коментарите на нивните блогери. Дали тоа е како последица на огромната актуелност на потегот кој го направи WashingtonPost со еден од своите блогови не знам, но сепак овој потег на толку многу ја бранува јавноста што предизвика неколку детални анализи.

Се трудев да не навлегувам во деталите на овој настан, па затоа во оваа прилика ќе презентирам само една класификација за можни нивоа на модерирање на коментари која ја прави Mark Glaser на Mediashift:

Прво заклучокот: If there would be one great use for artificial intelligence, it would be to create a monitoring robot that could spot the flamers, trolls and other cretins who disrupt online forums

А потоа и петте сценарија:

Scenario 1: No moderation
Pros: Everyone gets to participate with no censorship.
Cons: Give it enough time, and it will devolve into a messy, name-calling morass.
Example space: Many usenet discussion groups, and other non-commercial discussion boards online.Scenario 2: Self-policing community
Pros: No time outlay for site owner; community members feel empowered.
Cons: Requires technology filter so people can flag and rate other people’s comments.
Example space: Slashdot, MetaFilter group blogs.

Scenario 3: Moderate filtering

Pros: Keeps some bad eggs out by using technological filters and human watchers.
Cons: Doesn’t keep all of them out, and might seem random in censorship.
Example space: Most news site blogs and other high-trafficked commercial forums.

Scenario 4: Heavy technical filtering
Pros: Forcing user registration or paid subscription will keep commentary to a select few people who care.
Cons: Doesn’t allow people on the fence to join in easily.
Example space: Some newspaper sites such as and narrow-focused sites.

Scenario 5: Heavy human filtering
Pros: Someone looks over every post to make sure it is on-topic and not a personal attack.
Cons: Might slow down online conversation; could cost site owner more money and time.
Example space: Many citizen journalism efforts such as at the BBC and MSNBC websites.

Извор: Mediashift

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