HigherEd BlogCon 2006

Transforming Academic Communities with New Tools of the Social Web

April 3-28, 2006

This brand-new, all-online event aims to bring together in a single Web space many of the leading players who are transforming academe with their use of the new tools of the Social Web.

All presentations will be made available on the event website at no charge to participants (with the exception of the live, web/audio CASE Online Speaker Series events).

HigherEd BlogCon 2006, is all-online event highlighting innovative uses of blogs, wikis, RSS, audio and video podcasts, and other digital tools in academia.

Секој петок во твоето сандаче: преглед на најактуелните маркетинг, SEO, SEM, UX, дизајн теми и линкови од претходниот недела.