Црните листи на „Google“?

Дали станува збор за куриозитет или за можеби скриена агенда тешко е да се каже па и да се коментира нешто попоткрепено, така што мислам најдобро е да се пренесе веста, па иднината ќе покаже зошто покрај големците од типот ЕУ и САД еве и Google се одважи на правење на „црни листи“:

In early 2005, over 20 book bloggers banded together to use their combined forces to promote good books that weren’t widely known. This group, called the Litblog Co-op, chooses four books a year — one for each season — and then writes extensively about them on their group blog located at http://lbc.typepad.com/blog/. Since they first started, they’ve managed to get 1,300 links from bloggers and have a Google Page Rank of 6:

Simon Owens has done the legwork and he’s revealed that the Litblog Co-Op site has been blacklisted from Google. In fact, I’ve performed a few Google searches for “Valerie Trueblood” and “Stephen Graham Jones” and these names don’t come up at all in the first five pages.

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