Блогери новинари – исчезнува разликата. Или не?

Подготовка за дебатата која допрва не очекува нас во МК. Нешто за што зборував уште пред две години, ама тогаш и во светот сеуште немаше многу цврсти ставови. Сега има.

Секако со напомена, ова е само еден дел од целата блогосфера, не станува збор за сите, секогаш и секаде.

Distinction Between Bloggers, Journalists Blurring More Than Ever – Mark Glase (УСА – СРД)

Anyone who still believes that bloggers are one breed and journalists are another has been living in a cave since roughly 2002.

“I think the argument about bloggers vs. journalists has been over for years,” said Jim Brady, executive editor of Washingtonpost.com. “We’ve all co-existed just fine for a while now, and the truth is, the distinction is less relevant every day. There are thousands of journalists who now blog, and there are lots of bloggers who are trained journalists.”

и уште нешто:

“Josh Marshall winning a Polk Award is a sign that the distinctions are becoming less relevant,” Brady said. “I don’t think readers care whether what they’re reading is in a blog or not. What they care about is whether they trust the source of that information, whether it’s a mainstream site or a pure blog.”

и за да поентирам, ми треба уште ова:

“Every post is edited before it goes online,” Stelter said. “I certainly think that’s the way it should be. In the beginning, it was hard to be edited. But [now] I don’t know how I could blog without it. There are certain benefits to having another set of eyes on a story. Also, the tenor of what I’m doing has changed. I don’t do rumors or conjecture or speculation and I don’t do opinion…

Отиде блогот по ѓаволите во светов, толку беше, центрите на моќ го сменија обликот, го окупираа, сега тие и ќе го редефинираат и ќе продолжат да си го викаат блог бидејќи добро звучи, бидејќи како маркетинг збор функционира одлично. Штета.

Ај, ќе се радуваме на блоговите ние уште некое време, се додека да дојде ова кај нас.

И еден одличен коментар на долгиот пост, за жал едниствен со контра став:

Mark…as a blogger who’s known you for awhile, I’m *very* disappointed in this piece.

You’ve got it wrong about the blurring, but many of your commenters have it quite right: just because a journalist is using a newfangled CMS and has to think differently about how he’s writing (as in not doing as many interviews) doesn’t make him a blogger. That person, including Josh Marshall, is *still* and always will be first and foremost a journalist…no matter what CMS is used…

The confusion, and the blurring, is going on in the minds of the journalism community–but there’s little blurring outside of that community.

If you want to write about bloggers, why don’t you talk to those of us who, with no previous journalism credentials or backgrounds, have made something of ourselves in this space? Sure, we may not be winning Polk Awards, and may not have thousands of readers and lucrative BlogAds or Federated Media income, but we have innovated and created and are working very, very hard to have strong, credible voices–sans any connection to organized journalism–within this space. We’re the bloggers, Mark. Get to know us 🙂

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