Macedonia online: По стапките на Естонија? Не баш…

Пред неколку недели на мое огромно задоволство ме исконтактира Nicolas Kayser-Bril, дечко кој го знам од една здружена банда околу гуруто Paul Bradshaw.

Ми пиша дека доаѓа во МК, како дел од неговата подолга турнеја низ поширокиов регион која ја започнал со цел да се запознае малку повеќе со локалните прилики и неприлики на тема онлајн медиуми. Нормално, како секој добар домаќин се обидов да му помогнам, и заедно со Ричи (Зоран Ричлиев, Утрински) неколку дена го прошетавме по нашиве медиуми и го запознавме со неолку луѓе на овој или оној начин вмешани во оваа прикаска. Нико вети дека и МК ќе биде дел од неговиот поширок извештај, но во меѓувреме пиша еден пократок пост.

Целиот пост ќе го најдете на неговиот блог: Macedonia online: In Estonia’s footsteps? Not quiteа јас овде ќе пренесам самонекои делови:

Most traditional outlets don’t have an online-only team. When they do, they’re made up of so-called editors who simply publish offline content to the website and mix it with newswire stories.

I’ve met with Tamara Chausidis, online editor at Alsat-m, and Bijana Stavrova, her counterpart at A1. Both share an enthusiastic vision for their websites, but their efforts are hindered by the pre-web mentality in the newsrooms they work for. Attempts at getting journalists to write for the web have failed, such as the implementation of a “web first” policy. Indeed, online editors have trouble getting information from reporters when they’re on an assignment. A telephone conversation with the online team to feed the website with fresh news is considered by most journalists as too big an additional task. “Journalists see the web as a service for their work,” says Tamara, meaning that some of them do look at their online editions, including users’ comments, but simply consider it a window to display their stories to a wider audience, rather than as a new medium to be explored.

Journalists aren’t the only ones to blame, though. Managers, for all their talk on the need for an online presence, fail to provide for the cash needed to finance the change. For starters, nowhere is the online department a profit center. In other words, some money is spent but nobody cares for a return on investment. A strategic vision for online is also needed. Even in the most internet-aware companies, the strategy is to follow fashionable trends (”let’s have our own iReport!” is a favorite), not to develop a sustainable model.

As a result of this combined lack of interest from journalists and managers, there is hardly any web journalism going on in Skopje.

Advertising is still a novelty for Macedonian business managers. Dejan told me of an experience he had when visiting a prospect who ran a business of importing foreign cars. After Dejan’s pitch, the prospect simply said “Why do I need a website? Why do I need to advertise? People looking for my cars simply come to me and buy them!”

For online news websites, it translates into advertisers not being interested in traffic figures or readership demographics, says Vesna’s colleague Petrit Saraçini. Corruption on the ad market is such that ad money flows into the pockets of intermediaries or that deals are made with friends of the media planner’s rather than with the best website. On top of that, most traditional outlets are operated (at a loss) by industry tycoons eager to gain influence on the political scene, so that independent media outlets have to fight not only with market forces but with the much stronger forces of the country’s politics.

Прочитај го целиот пост за да се сфати контекстот на некои од изложените работи. Имав и јас некои забелешки од средбите и состаноците таа недела, ама останаа само за мубаетите на кафе, за жал не успеав да пишам цел пост, се се сведе, тогаш на неколку твитови на тема Netpress.

Еден убав сончев ден, ќе пишам поише 🙂

Јавно сакам да му се заблагодарам на Nico за интересот и муабетите :). Thanks Nicolas 😉

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