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ТВ магазинот FRONTLINE кој се емитува на PBS (Американски Совет за Радиодифузија) во својот последeн серијал насловен NEWSWAR еден од своите четири дела комплетно посветува на медиумите, информацијатa, новинарството и категоријата вести воопшто. Во прилог најавите за дел од темите во овој магазин, со линкови до транскриптот од ТВ магазинот.

Дококу повеќе сакате видео, тогаш можете да ја проследите оваа тема тука.

Changing times, new audiences, pressures for profits, and the Internet revolution are upending mainstream media’s old values and business models. Can anyone predict the future for news and in-depth reporting?

The Future of News
A February 2007 panel discussion at the National Press Club, moderated by FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman. With Len Downie, executive editor of The Washington Post; David Marash, anchor, Al Jazeera English; Scott Moore, head of news and information for Yahoo! Media Group; and Dana Priest, national security reporter for The Washington Post.

The Old Story of New Media
A conversation with media expert Henry Jenkins about how the Internet revolution compares to past media innovations, how new media and old media interact and how we’ll get our news in the future.

Where Do We Get Our News?
On an average day, 81 percent of Americans access news. Where are they getting it? Here’s a closer look.

What You Should Know About the Newspaper Industry
How big is the industry? What are its challenges? When will online revenues start helping newspapers’ bottom line? A primer on the industry and its problems.

Interview with Amanda Congdon
In 2004, she rose to fame on computer screens as the face of Rocketboom, a daily three-minute online roundup of news and quirky features presented in a mock newscast format. Now she’s switched to video blogging for ABC News. Here she talks about her career, her future, whether she’s a journalist, the line between news and entertainment, and more.

Патем, првиот и вториот дел се посветени на поврзаноста на Американската администрација и медиумите: Secrets, Souces & Spins

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