Technorati – сервис кој следи најголем број на блогови. Некои од нас блогерите (особено “постарите”) го знаат некој не го знаат.

Но ДЕФИНИТИВНО сите треба да го користат. Можностите кој ги нуди овој сервис се големи и многу практични, а се што се бара од вас е да го пријавите вашиот блог на нивната листа која има над 29 милиони блогови.

Не се секирајте нема да се изгубите во бескрајните списоци на оваа листа, тоа и воопшто не е важно, важно е дека преку овој сервис многу лесно ќе имате контрола кој ставил линк до вашиот пост, до вашиот блог и норално што кажал за вас.

Разгледајте ги малку подетално услугите кои ги нудат овие момци и пријавете го сопствениот блог, така ќе овозможите покавлитетно презентирање и следење на македонската блогосфера, и во МК и надвор.

За подетална илустрација ќе пренесам дел од плановите на Mark Glaser (Mediashift) кој исто како и многу други се заразил со Technorati:

I thought it might be helpful to put together a traditional 12 step plan to help us Technorati addicts kick our habit. And if that doesn’t work, I also have some suggestions for Sifry to help addict us even more.

12 Step Plan for Curing Technorati Addiction

1. We admit we are powerless over Technorati — that our lives have become unmanageable.
2. We erase all Technorati bookmarks and links from our browsers.
3. We swear on a stack of bibles that we will only visit the Technorati site once per day.
4. We accept in our hearts that being in 8,845th place is good enough!
5. We admit to God, to ourselves, and to another blogger the exact nature of our addiction.
6. We swear that we will never, ever take Technorati’s new Top 100 Most Favorited blogs list seriously. Really.
7. We are entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of our character.
8. We make a list of all the people we have secretly hated for writing bad things about us on their blogs, and become willing to make amends with them all.
9. We make amends with these people without flaming them on our blogs or in the comments section of their blogs.
10. We will never beg, grovel or cajole other bloggers to link to us in order to raise our Technorati ranking.
11. We will fully accept into our hearts any blog post we write even if it isn’t linked by anyone via Technorati.
12. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we will carry this message to the blogosphere, and will practice these principles in all of our online life.

6 Step Plan for Making Technorati More Addictive

1. Tell us how our blog ranks within each category of blogs.
2. Send us email alerts when our blog goes up 500 places, congratulating us.
3. Tell us exactly who said what about our blog, and identify exactly who they are — real name, profession, hometown.
4. Speed up the performance of the site.
5. Give us full graphical charts showing the ups and downs of our blogs’ popularity.
6. Eliminate all lag between the moment someone posts about our blog to the time we can see it on a Technorati search.

(I am an Technorati addict)

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