Web Hosting Company To Sponsor Bloggers

Еве една одлична идеа како не мора да се развива независна блог платформа, а може да се влезе во бизнисот.

US shared web hosting company announced that it sponsors site owners that maintain blogs covering different webmaster related topics. Sponsorship areas include Web Design, Development, Hosting Industry’s Trends and Analysis, Domain Names and DNS, Security, Client Side Programming & Scipting, E-Commerce Advice, Site promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Internet marketing, Forum Maintaince and other areas that concern important webmaster related issues.

The web hosting company provides bloggers with web hosting plan that enables them to use Worldpress blogging capabilities, Mambo content management system, Site Builder and to run a Image Gallery.

Bloggers can install their Worldpress blogs easy but clicking at one button in the Control Panel of their web hosting plan. The web host requires them to add content to their websites on daily basis as the company wants to support site owners that are dedicated to blogging.

Those who post meaningful content and keep their blogs up to date will receive support on Search engine optimization and marketing their websites. …повеќе

Секако не мора деталите да се идентични, но сепак хостинг, логистичка подршка е добро дојдена за понатамошен равој и зголемување на сериозноста на македонската блогосфера.

Јован има(ше) ваква понуда. Но мора да се појави и конкуренција за да се развие пазарот 🙂

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