Визуелизација на информации

Од секогаш голем предизвик било да се прикаже некоја комплексна структура на информации релативно едноставно, и што е најважно атрактивно. Во денешно време постојат далеку повеќе алатки, технологии и сл. за поуспешна реализација на вакво нешто. Секако медиумите често се исправаат пред ваков предизвик и најчесто оние навистина големите успеаваат да направат нешто интересно и да ја „протнат” комплексната нформација кај публиката.

As part of the BBC’s White Season, a week of programmes on BBC2 as well as other BBC TV and Radio outlets, BBC News online hosted an online discussion asking if “white working class people [are] ignored in Britain?” …Cybersoc

Значи BBC е во главна улога. Еве ја идејата:

We commissioned this in order to allow people to explore this complex debate more freely than they might in the conventional text format. As one of the BBC’s most popular television services BBC Two must make subjects like this accessible. But being BBC Two it must do it in a way that encourages discovery and serendipity. …BBC Internet Blog

One of the purposes was to enable more exploration of the data than normal. We seem to be averaging 30 clicks per user at the moment so that is pretty good. We also wanted to provide different ways of seeing this data – the ‘Emotional Detail’ is my favourite but there is also something very satisfying about the ‘Regional’ view. We have been iterating this through the week in response to where people are clicking or not, as that kind of responsiveness is important in a temporal experience like this. …BBC Internet Blog

Клик на сликата за резултатот т.е. визуелизацијата

И за крај малку бекграун информации 🙂

Information Visualisation is an aspect of digital media that is reaching out to mass audiences. The Facebook friend wheel is one well known example. We wanted the users to have more involvement which is why we have enabled agreement/ disagreement on the user interface. The application display becomes richer the more people use it, as well as giving an overview of the main emotional themes. …BBC Internet Blog

BBC White
Visualising White Comments

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