How can you get bloggers to talk about you

Мислам дека ова е прв мој официјален пост кој зборува за блогови од PR перспектива. Следат совети кои може да ви сенајдат и доколку не нудите некој производ или услуга 🙂

One of the questions more and more PR people are being asked by their clients is,
how do I get bloggers to talk about my product/service?

Светската PR агенција Ogilvy дава 7 совети на ова прашање.

  1. Before you pitch them, read their blog.
  2. Two words: trackbacks and comments.
  3. Bloggers are experts.
  4. It’s not always about their readers.
  5. Giving them free stuff is ok. :):)
  6. Know who else is talking about you.
  7. Don’t throw away your traditional media relations playbook.

Ќе мора да го отворите следниов pdf документ за да се запознаете дополнително – 7 Tips on Pitching Bloggers

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