Wall Street Journal + MySpace + Еднооки

Што ќе се добие ако се искомбинраат горниве три?

My Wall Street Journal. За да ја истакнам хумористичната и сатиричната компонента ги додадов и еднооки за да ја дозаокружам сликата на новиов таблоид пародија на Wall Street Journal.

For the second time since 1982, the Wall Street Journal parody, Off the Wall Street Journal, is published by New York Press. The first parody and its follow-up issue sold more than 650,000 copies. Now it has been renamed to My Wall Street Journal to honor “Rupert Murdoch’s ever-expanding media empire which now includes everything from MySpace to the Wall Street Journal.”

Founding editor-in-chief Tony Hendra, former editor of National Lampoon and Spy Magazine, returns with fellow ’82 veteran David Blum, Todd Hanson from The Onion, and Jeff Kreisler from Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008. Other contributors include writers for The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and the Harvard Lampoon.

The tabloid is 24 pages and has the tagline “We Distort, You Decide” with sections such as a gossip section, “Obitcharies,” and “Police blotter – A day in the life of the white-collar crime cops.”

Тешко дека ќе го купам, ама ќе го побарам на сјтовиве каде има весници и книги, или на некој торент тракер. Ако најдам ќе споделам. Вака описан интересно изгледа.

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