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Reality check

Конкретниов случај е за во Шведска, ова и те какo важи за во МК. И нам ни е потребен reality check.

…I got a major reality check concerning what level of knowledge mainstream marketers in Sweden have about the internet. It’s low; oh, so low…

Everywhere I go I hear the same story: “I have a real job, when am I supposed to have time to catch up on what’s happening on the internet?”. My answer to this is: the internet is your job, like it or not. There’s no job on earth that won’t, or can’t, be affected by the internet in some way. (Good Old Trend)

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5 коментари на “Reality check”

  1. Olof

    Hi. My Russian is not so hot. And neither is Google's:

    <blockquote cite="">Konkretniov sluchaј e for the Shvedska, paying those kako vazhi for the MK. And we may e potreben

    Nor Alta Vista's:

    <blockquote cite="">Konkretniov of sluchaј e after in it is Swedish, ova and those kak.o of vazhi after in MK. And to us not e of potreben

    Anyone care to translate this post for me?

    Kind regards / Olof

  2. darko156

    Maybe because it is not Russian 🙂

    It is Macedonian, and the post is shortly saying that the same situation is valid for Macedonia

    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Глиша

    Prehaps because it's not Russian it's Macedonian. 😉

    "This case is for Sweden, but it's valid in Macedonia as well. We also need a reality check."

    Something like that. 🙂

  4. Глиша

    Ха, кога заборавам дека пишувам коментар и одам на следен таб ќе поминат 10 минути се разбира. :)))

  5. Olof

    I see. Forgive my cultural ignorance. Thanks.

    Kind regards.


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