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Еве еден попаметен начин на трошење пари за реклама, наместо вметнување на печатен материјал секоја втора недела. (ова се однесува на Hewlett-Packard – HP)

The IT Journalists Club (ITJC) formed last month in Almaty, organized by the local MediaNet International Journalism Center. Alexei Bendz, development manager for MediaNet, told IJNet that the next session is planned for July.

The Hewlett-Packard (HP) Corporation is supporting the formation of the club, which aims to meet with leading international experts in the technology field. The club held its first session on March 24, as members met with HP executives from Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The participants discussed the tech market in Central Asia as well as new technology being used by governments, as part of “e-government” initiatives.

Извор: International Journalists Network

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