Facebook vs TV

Искуствено следиме дека поголем дел од нашата публика повеќе реагира кога објавуваме текст за телевизија и за Facebook. Денес наидов на интересен инфографик кој ги споува двете овие работи. Станува збор за истражување на Expansys спроведено во Велика Британија на примерок од 3000 корисници. Еве на кратко дел од заклучоците:

We spoke to 3,000 Brits and it was revealed that almost a quarter of Brits (24.46%) spend between three and four hours a day using Facebook.

More than a third (36%) of the nation now owns a smartphone, like an iPhone 4 or HTC Desire HD, and nearly all (91%) regularly use those handsets to access their Facebook accounts.

Almost one in three Brits (29.07%) spend between two and three hours a day using Facebook on their smartphones. On average, we check our Facebook accounts 7.52 times every day from our smartphones, but more than a third of us log on to our Facebook pages between 10 and 20 times a day using our phones.
And 15% of the nation admits it is so addicted to Facebook it can’t help but log on through its phones in excess of 20 times a day .
The TV is now the poor relation by comparison.

Even when we are watching TV, it seems many of us are now doing so through our laptops, home-PCs, tablets or smartphones. This ‘two-screen’ behaviour is now a big focus of manufacturers who have identified it as a major new trend. …Brits now prefer Facebook to television

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