Тинејџери и онлајн идентитети

Во последниот извештај на „PEW internet Project“ се истражува начинот на кој интернет-корисниците на возраст до 19 години го користат интернетот за оформување на својот идентитет и како се претставуваат себе си во рамките на социјалните мрежи кои ги оформуваат онлајн:

Pew Internet & American Life Project published a new report (pdf) called “Teens, Privacy and Online Social Networks: How teens manage their online identities and personal information in the age of MySpace”. The report talks about what kind of information teens share on social networks and what they keep hidden from strangers (and/or parents).

Of those whose profile can be accessed by anyone online, nearly half (46%) say they give at least some false information. Other interesting findings about the teens with online profiles are:

– 82% of profile creators have included their first name in their profiles
– 79% have included photos of themselves.
– 61% have included the name of their city or town.
– 49% have included the name of their school.
– 29% have included their email address.
– 29% have included their last names.

As a result, 63% of teens with profiles believe that a motivated person could eventually identify them.

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