Liquid and Zombie Journalism Studies

Отпор кон новите медиуми и новиот медиумски систем. Токму за промените, нивното неприфаќање и осуденоста зборува Mark Deuze во својот есеј објавен во newsletter-от на Journalism Studies Interest Group со наслов

Liquid modern togetherness gets particularly expressed in the single-issue, voluntarist and monitorial social networks emerging in the “in-between” space of online and offline interactions, as well as in the practices of what Henry Jenkins calls a globally emerging convergence culture – a liquefaction of the cultures of production and consumption in the way people “mesh” their media. In journalism, this trend takes root in so-called “citizen journalism,” as in the case of blogspace offered to readers by Le Monde in France, the Rheinische Post in Germany, or the Mail & Guardian in South Africa, or at the user-generated news pages of Jan-Jan in Japan, Backfence in the United States, and Nieuwslokaal in The Netherlands. However, among the professionals in the newsrooms of these organizations such initiatives or experiments are generally met with fear or disdain. Why? Because an outright embrace of the complex prosumption process of convergence culture forces the zombie institution of journalism to admit its culture, its consensual ways of doing things, its formula, is dead.

As scholars of media and society in our studies of journalism, I strongly believe it is our responsibility to dismember the pervasive rhetoric of solid modernity in our assessments of newswork, thus letting journalism die in peace. In its place, we must reconstruct a professional identity for media practitioners that is liquid: a liquid journalism. This journalism truly works in the service of the network society, deeply respects the rights and privileges of each and every consumer-citizen to be a maker and user of his or her own news, and enthusiastically embraces its role as – paraphrasing James Carey – amplifier of the multiple and concurrent conversations post-national society has with itself. A journalism studies that fails to acknowledge the evolutionary changes expressed in tomorrow’s new media ecology will become a zombie journalism studies – alive, but dead at the same time. Let me make it clear that I am not arguing that this “new” social context for a liquid journalism is in any way preferable or “better” than anything that came before – it just connects more profoundly with most people’s everyday lived realities.

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