EPIC 2014: News apocalypse now

EPIC 2014 is a Bladerunner-esque vision of the future. It’s been around since November 2004
It’s eight minutes long and was made by journalists Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson.

EPIC 2014 plots major developments in online media since the creation of the web in 1989, and projects trends from the past 16 years into the future. It’s a future where newspapers have abandoned the internet to produce a niche, printed product for an aged and declining elite, and where news and information are controlled by a new hegemony: Googlezon.

“Using a new algorithm, Googlezon’s computers construct news stories dynamically, stripping sentences and facts from all content sources and recombining them. The computer writes a news story for every user.”

Има и понова верзија која оди една година понатаму 2015, авторите велат дека не била толку мрачна. Јас не сум ја погледнал сеуште. може да се најде овде link

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