Неизбежна за успех на еден весник – дистрибуција

Пред две недели пишував за судбината на Шпиц (претходен пост) во постот но и во коментарите (тука) напоменавме јас и јован дека за еден бесплатен весник многу е важен и начинот на дистрибуција.

Денес читав еден текст за нов бесплатен дневен весник на подрачјето на Лондон наречен thelondonpaper, кој од септември ќе започне да ги издава NI (News International – дел од News Corp.).
Во своите извештаи за медиумите менаџерскиот тим посебен акцент става на диструбуцијата на весников како еден од пресудните фактори:

(Media Bulletin) NI has decided to pre-empt decisions on the awards of distribution contracts in London Tube and mainline stations and get into the market first, hoping to establish a readership habit and ward off the threat from possible rival launches. Clark said the strategy for thelondonpaper did not depend on those contracts.

(Media Guardian) The army of distributors will hand out the new paper throughout London Underground’s zone 1. They will use portable electronic devices – known as PDAs – to update each other on the level of supply and demand of the paper to make the distribution as effective as possible.

The paper will use sophisticated geo-demographic techniques to target white-collar office workers in the ABC1 demographic aged between 18 and 34.


The newspaper company, owned by Rupert Murdoch, hopes to thrust a copy of the London Paper into the hands of commuters before they board a bus or enter a tube station where the newspaper that wins the railway tenders will be distributed in dump bins.


The News International freesheet will also be available in cafes, under an arrangement that may be similar to the deal the Times has with Starbucks.

It plans to copy the distribution arrangement used by City AM, the free financial daily established by former executives at Metro International, Jens Torpe and Lawson Muncaster. City AM does not need permission to distribute on footpaths in central London.

Дополнување 11.08.2006: Шпиц – “бесплатен” и недостапен by Moby

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