First blog-editor in Denmark

Блог уредник. Се почесто станува редовно работно место, се разбира низ светов.

In end September Danish newspaper Politiken delivers an online strike at the competitors in the ongoing Danish war of newspapers. By that time Politiken presumably will implement the radical shift whereby the entire newsdesk of the newspaper will move online. The printed newspaper hereafter will be emphasizing background, feature and analysis, leaving regular news to the online arena.

However is not only taking advantage of the internets stunning capabilities as a news-channel. Blogs and user-driven actitivies also seems to playing a mayor part of the new, if you can judge by their just hiring in of my former collegeague Kim Elmose as what I believe to be the first blog-editor in Denmark. According to Kims blog, he’ll be responsible for inspiring the Politiken staff-blogging as well as securing a good environment for the reader/user-blogs on

Здравје еден ден и наште есници ќе имаат човек кој нема само да ја „качува” содржината на нет 😉
Извор: NewMediaTrends (ако ги прочитате коментарите ќе видите дека и не е овој бил баш прв во Данска, ама суштината не е таа 🙂

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