Транспарентност а не објективност е она што се бара денес од медиумите

Веќе со години го зборувам ова, се обидувам да им ја доловам сликата на различни луѓе дека начинот на кој денес функционираат медиумите се менува. Основните критериумии улоги се менуваат. Баш за ова зборувале и група „големи ” чичковци на The Oxford Social Media Convention 2009. Од извештајот за овој настан на Guardian: How social networking is changing journalism со задоволство го извојувам овој дел на Richard Sambrook, the director of the BBC Global News Division:

What he could see evolving though, was a new objectivity. Objectivity, he then pointed out, had always been an idea important for the news. For him it was once designed to deliver journalism that people can trust. But in the new media age transparency is what delivers trust. He stressed that news today still has to be accurate and fair, but it is as important for the readers, listeners and viewers to see how the news is produced, where the information comes from, and how it works. The emergence of news is as important, as the delivering of the news itself.

Information is not journalism, he explained further. You get a lot of things, when you open up Twitter in the morning, but not journalism. Journalism needs discipline, analysis, explanation and context, he pointed out, and therefore for him it is still a profession. The value that gets added with journalism is judgment, analysis and explanation – and that makes the difference. So journalism will stay – he was optimistic about that. However, journalists must understand one rule: if you believe you are in competition with the internet, find your way out. Collaboration, openness and link culture are rules, you can’t deny at the moment, he said.

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