The Truth About Free Newspapers

The Truth About Free Newspapers

Кога ќе размисли подобро човек, има многу вистина во заклучоците кои ги изнесува овој универзитетски професор (Dr. Piet Bakker), експерт за бесплатни весници (Newspaper Innovation). Еве дел:

  • The number of people abandoning paid-for newspapers for free newspapers is minimal
  • Every free newspaper says something like, ‘our audience is young, affluent, well networked, time starved and cash rich.’ But half of this is bogus — there are very few free newspapers that have a 50 percent readership in their target group
  • Free newspapers really find new readers, but they find them in groups who didn’t read before

И најдоброто во контекст на дали темите за спорт носат повеќе читатели и реклами

  • Men love sports, but in many cases they’re not in charge of the financial decisions in their households.

Ова се однесува за Европа, и претпоставувам е резултат на академски истражувања.

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