The ultimate newspaper of the future?

Една од најубавите работи што јас ги приметив на оваа страна е тоа што кога ќе одбереш да прочиташ една вест ти дава можност да ги видиш сите написи за таа вест од сите извори кои ги индексира.

Yesterday, Inform Technologies launched a new website called The site is a kind of newsreader where users can find articles from hundreds of newspapers, magazines and also from major news-oriented blogs.
The site goes further than newsreaders from Google or Yahoo. It scans articles from major publications and creates an index of important elements in the article, providing related stories to those elements.
Reuters reports that Inform has 55 employees, half of whom are based in India. They created a list of about 1000 online news sources and 100 major blogs and are adding new sources to the list each day.
The site is currently accessible in a beta version and should work best with the Internet Explore 6.0 or later.
The New York Times states that the new site “will perform information-delivery feats that its founders claim no other Web site can match. The question is whether the average reader will want to follow the spectacle.”

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