Нов тип на весници

Дали се на повидок нов вид на весници? Весници кои не се испечатени на хартија. Оваа тема малку ја почнавме во еден претходен пост (линк) каде Siemens го претстави прототипот на дигиталната хартија. Но во оптек уште од поодамна е концептот на e-ink. Деновиве овие анализи и дебати зачестуваат. Голем број на веб-страници ги разгледуваа различните предиспозиции, кои може многу скоро да ја донесат оваа нова технологија на трафиките.

For years, newspapers have thought of ways to deliver their news — and brand — in as many formats as possible. But they have found, from reader surveys and intuition, that the centuries-old newspaper size provides an optimal viewing experience.

“We think the essence of newspaper is the large size,” Wilcox said during the interview. “[As] a reader you’re an eagle flying over the desert, you’re scanning. You see the rabbit and you zoom down and you grab it,” reading a story that grabs your interest.

He points out that newspapers will eventually give such devices away because it will be cheaper for them to do so than to keep printing on paper. Newspapers are spending $150 per year per reader on making the paper, so within 2 or 3 years you’ve built up $300 to $500 of budget per reader

If content is inherently affected by format change, it is more than likely that readers will notice the difference in the quality of news that they were used to and will just as easily decide that they can get the same news for free in a free daily or on the Internet.


The E Ink Corporation and LG.Philips LCD have built a 10.1″ flexible electronic paper display, the first tablet-size flexible electronic paper ever made. This could be what people read their newspapers on in the future.

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