Top 10 Reasons for Reading a News Site

1. My news site has never stained my clean shirt or my car seat.

2. Anywhere I travel, my news site goes with me. It doesn’t pile up
while I’m away.

3. I can listen to my news site’s podcast while standing, while
eating, while riding a bus, OR while I drive my car.

4. If I read a story I like, I can send it to a friend without a stamp.

5. My news site doesn’t just have sections — it’s customizable, and
it shows my wife and I exactly what we’re interested, separately.

6. I’ll give you the battery advantage. But my news site has each
apartment listing with detailed descriptions, photos and a precise
map. My newspaper says “Downtown, 2 bd/2 bt, 5 appl., ht & ht wtr,
balc, d/i pool, n/p, n/s. $1200”

7. My news site never gets stolen off my doorstep or delivered late. Or wet.

8. My news site doesn’t need to be recycled.

9. If my news site is makes a mistake, they correct the original
story, and when I read that story later, I will see the corrected
version. My newspaper may not be broken, but it could be wrong.

10. I can read my news site in a light breeze.

But I think the most important reason for reading a news site is this:

In the past ten years, my news site has gone from a tiny
experiment to being the place I turn to for news and community. In
the past ten years, my newspaper… well, how many people can say
their newspaper has become more relevant, trustworthy and useful?