Media becomes an environment rather than a mediator

The convergence of media and technology into what we now call “new media” requires that we redefine what we mean by media. Once we accept that media is more than paper or airwaves, it becomes clear that games like Second Life are part of the media. The main difference is that the media used to be a tool for business. In contrast, this media encapsulates business and becomes an environment rather than a mediator.

Извадоков е од еден пост за промената во светот на медиумите коja ја носaт новите видови на мултимедиални игри.

Мене овој воведен дел ептен ме бендиса и затоа морав да го извадам од контекст и да го постирам. Оригиналниот пост: 11 Reasons Why Massively Multiplayer Games Will Change How Business Works: Part 1 од E-Media Tidbits

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