Напад – Одбрана

Еден читател на блогот на Philadelphia Daily News, “Attytood” ги нападнал весниците со следново образложение или подобро речено претпоставка.

But let’s just imagine a newspaper as a product, one that was just invented today. …

“It’s a product you have to go and get in the rain, snow or wind and pull out of the hedge, the leaves or a coin-eating box on a dirty street corner. It’s heavy. It’s big. You’re not interested in 90 percent of its content. And when you’re done with it, you — literally — have to wash your hands and figure out how to properly dispose of the thing.
“Would you buy this new invention?
“Didn’t think so.” (линк)

Steve Yelvington го објави ова на E-Media Tidbits, а таму од Jack Yan како коментар на овој напад доби интересна одбрана, или ако може да се нарече противнапад.

Then again, would we buy a product that changes your habits, puts you at the beck and call of a lot of people, increases your chances of an auto accident, has unreasonable charges (relative to supplier cost) for its use, includes technology that is barely above Morse code, causes a massive problem in recycling, and has an unproven link to causing cancer? Yet cellphones are everywhere. (линк)


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