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По прашањето на блоговите ние во МК сеуште не сме стигнале онаму каде западниот свет се наоѓа денес, но нема да помине многу време кога ќе ја достигнеме и надминеме и оваа фаза. Во последно време со мислите талкам зошто и како е корисно да се пратат и истражуваат блоговите, оние македонските и оние останатите.

Денес налетав на еден soulmate (ама од спротивниот пол 🙂 од америка кој си го поставува истото прашање. Еве дел од нејзиното размислување

This year at the National Communication Association at least two divisions at the conference have blog papers on the prestigious “top paper panel.” I know this because I wrote them.

I say this not to toot my horn (though it certainly might seem that way) but to provide a status report on the state of blog research. I still get some reviews of my work back from journals saying they don’t understand why someone would research blogs. This exposure of blog research in the top paper panels is huge because it signals that not only can there be quality research about blogs – but also that blogs are worth researching.

I wouldn’t call blogs my life’s work – although it has been the focus of much of my work thus far – but I imagine that my interest in communication technology will continue to find me in this position of proclaiming why the next “big thing” is worth researching & examining how it is different from everything else we have known to that point.

So, to me, it seems appropriate that the academy has endorsed this line of research because it now appears there is much more to examine in regards to the impact of blogs on society, personal communication, & the media.

Ова ме охрабрува мене но се надевам дека ќе има влијание и на останатите кои барем малку размислувале во оваа насока.

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