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Уште еден пронајдок кој би требало да му го олесни животот на модерниот човек е т.н. „Smart closet“ . Всушност уште една можност човековите способности да се префрлат (и инхибираат) од човекот на технологијата:

If you’ve ever stood in front of your closet trying to figure out what to wear for an important meeting, a new high-tech wardrobe invention might be just the thing for you. The “smart closet” keeps track of when you wore an item, where you wore it, and can even tell you when your clothes need to be dry-cleaned.

“The wardrobe can tell you that you have a meeting this morning with Joe Bloggs, that you have worn the same shirt the last three times you met him and that maybe you should wear something else or he will think you only have one shirt,” says Prof. Bruce Thomas, director of the wearable computer laboratory at the University of South Australia.

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