IFRA special report: Web 2.0

Задолжителна литература за следниве неколку денови.

web 2.0 ifraIFRA, the newspaper and media publishing association, is releasing a special edition report of its newspaper techniques magazine. The issue focuses on the novel tools and challenges encountered with Web 2.0.

The report, named “The Publisher’s How-to Guide Web 2.0,” covers many aspects useful for newspapers and publishers in a new era of interactive web design.

What’s Web 2.0? The report explores its various facets and complexities, but also provides an accessible definition: it differs from Web 1.0 “in three key ways; the public are becoming the publishers, they are defining how they see information, and they are building communities in the process.” …EditorsWeblog

еPaper верзија на англиски достапна тука: The Publisher`s How-to Guide Web 2.0

Секој петок во твоето сандаче: преглед на најактуелните маркетинг, SEO, SEM, UX, дизајн теми и линкови од претходниот недела.

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