Интернетот е еколошки исправен

Информатичкото општество не секогаш треба да подразбира процеси штетни за околината. Интересни пoдатоци се изнесени во следното истражување на „American Consumer Society“:mitchell_joachim_architect_ecology_urban_design.jpg

The world would be spared 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases within a decade if broadband Internet access were pervasive, the group’s report (PDF) concluded in October.

How would faster downloads and Web page loads curb the annual flow of globe-warming gases, and by how much? According to the report:

  • Telecommuting, a “zero emission” practice, eliminates office space and car commutes: 588 million tons.
  • E-commerce cuts the need for warehouses and long-distance shipping: 206 million tons.
  • Widespread teleconferencing could bring one-tenth of all flights to a halt: 200 million tons.
  • Downloading music, movies, newspapers, and books saves packaging, paper, and shipping: 67 million tons.

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