NEW YORK, November 31, 2008 /PRNewswire/ — The heads of the four major U.S. televion networks today announced the long-awaited unveiling of “OurTube,” a new online video-sharing service where people will be able to legally upload and share any video approved by the media companies for sharing. The service has been in development for more than two years, and promises to take video-sharing to the next level.

OurTube’s innovative approach includes a special “Upload Triplicate Form” for any person who’d like to share their video with friends and family. If the person’s video includes copyrighted music or video clips, the user only has to pay the OurTube licensing fee of $199, fill out the patented triple-CC’ed form online that sends alerts to teams of lawyers representing each license holder so they can set up court appearances to settle licensing disputes.

Нормално, ова е лажен прес, кој го објавува Mark Glaser (Mediashift) испровоциран од пследните вести за намерата на неколку големи медиумскикомпании (News Corp., Viacom, CBS NBC Universal) да созададат свој сервис од типот на YouTube.

The problem is that four huge media companies launching an Internet venture will move in slow motion, thus the late 2008 launch date in the spoof above. There are more questions than answers: Will they only feature their content? What other content will they allow, and will they screen it or filter it first? How will rights issues be solved? Will people trust them to be democratic in what gets featured on the site?

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