Bloggers can break a brand
in less than a day

Forrester Research срповеле истражување на европската блогосфера.
Видно бизнис ориентирани Forrester Research т.е. нивниот претставникот Jaap Favier на Forrester’s Consumer Marketing Forum вака ги претставил главните заклучоци:

“Active bloggers can make or break a brand in less than a day. Firms shouldn’t fake a relationship with them or they will experience a backlash.

“To get bloggers on their side, firms should gain bloggers’ trust by establishing an honest and transparent relation with bloggers first. They should get to know them and give them the tools to connect easily with their peers and pass along messages,”

Патем еве мал опис на европската блогосфера:

  • Around 3%, or four million, European Internet users actively write blogs
  • France, Italy, and Spain make up 57% of the blogosphere
  • More than two-fifths (21%) of European bloggers have set up RSS feeds
  • Almost 80% of bloggers go online daily to check their emails, post, or read messages
  • Bloggers spend more time online than they do watching TV or reading printed magazines or newspapers
  • Almost a quarter of bloggers trust general blogs

NetimperativeFour million Europeans actively write blogs

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in less than a day

  1. ribaro 15/12/2006 at 00:55

    ЗА првине четири точки верувам во напишаното, а за последните две сум жив сведок.

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