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Кибер безбедноста и „Weapons of mass disruption“

Американскиот Претседател Обама уште еднаш ja потврди високата свест за информациско-комуникациските технологии и нивното значење во нашите животи. Тој ја обзнани новата национална стратегија која „ќе ја третира дигиталната инфраструктура на САД како стратешки национален интерес“.

Obama announced the creation of a cyber security office in the White House, and said he would personally appoint a “cyber tsar”. Both US government and military bodies have reported repeated interference from hackers in recent years…Acts of terror today, he said, could come “not only from a few extremists in suicide vests, but from a few key strokes of a computer – a weapon of mass disruption…Mr Obama said that protecting America’s digital infrastructure, the networks and computers everyone depended on every day, would be “a national security priority”…In 2007 alone the Pentagon reported nearly 44,000 incidents of what it called malicious cyber activity carried out by foreign militaries, intelligence agencies and individual hackers..He pointed out that according to one survey, cyber crime cost Americans more than $8bn over the last two years. Worldwide, it was estimated that cyber criminals stole intellectual property from businesses worth up to $1 trillion.”

Деталите од промовирањето на оваа нова национална стратегија за кибер-безбедност се достпани на следниот линк “Remarks by US President Obama on securing the nation’s Cyber’s Infrastructure“.