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All the News That’s Fit to Sell

Фина книгичка која изгелда ќе морам да си ја купам зошто не успеав да ја најдам на вообичаените места за „купување” книги на Интернет. Еве еден исклучително мал дел, онака изворно пренесен, колку да се знае за во иднина и оваа економска теорија:

Though the marketplace of ideas meets continuously on the Internet, the concept of intellectual marketplace is only a metaphor unless one uses economic theory and data to explore its operation. The work of Antony Downs (1957) provides a structure to examine the demand side of the market. According to Downs, people seek information to facilitate consumption decisions, improve business decisions, engage in entertainment, and make political choices. The first three types of demand lead people to seek out data, for if they do not make the effort to get the information they miss out on many of its benefits. The logic of collective action implies that most people will remain rationally ignorant about details of politics and policy. Even if a policy might affect a person’s livelihood deeply, the small probability that a person has of affecting an election, a legislator’s vote, or a regulator’s decision means that most individuals will not seek out data to improve their political decisions. This implies that individuals on the Net will search for information that helps them buy products, make work decisions, or entertains. The relative search for politically important and relevant information should remain small.

Нормално во продолжение авторот на книгава, James T Hamilton, се обидува да ја докаже теоријава, но натаму ќе морате сами :). Поголем дел од книгава, онаму од каде и јас го препишав ова погоре ја има на Googel Books:  All the News That’s Fit to Sell

И сеа, прашањето, за крај, нели мора :), така велат советите за блогорање.

Дали кај нас денес, или воопшто некогаш важела оваа логика за „потрага” по информации?