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Du bist Mazedonien!

Du bist Mazedonien? Ja, ja!

O, la, la de ja vu!

Како и за повеќето нешта во општествениов животец приморани сме (во рамките на својата пасивност и инертност, се разбира) да гледаме репризи на туѓи идеи и то(в)а на своја сметка. Па така и концептот на кампањата „Ти си Македонија“ е класична „отимачина“ и плагијат-чина на германската кампања од 2006.


You are Germany (in German “Du bist Deutschland”) was a social marketing campaign in Germany. Its aim was to achieve positive thinking and a new national feeling. It was created by the initiative “Partner für Innovation” consisting of 25 media corporations and was co-ordinated by Bertelsmann. The large-scale campaign caused much of controversy and discussion…The initiator of the campaign was Gunther Thielen, CEO of Bertelsmann AG. It ran from September 26, 2005 to January 31, 2006. The core of the campaign was a 2 minute TV spot, which was broadcast simultaneously at the start of the campaign on almost all TV channels in the country. Additional advertisements in the print media, flyers, and outdoor and online media were used. The media cost was around 30 million Euros.

All of the supporting corporations worked without pay. The campaign was relaunched on December 15, 2007.

The background music used is from the U.S. composer Alan Silvestri and was the theme from the film Forrest Gump (1994).b6452ff3-b0ab-4053-adde-bce08e076be2_reklami-2.jpg

Нема да ја ширам многу вака во период на кампањи, само ќе додадам дека е тажно дека некој со плагијат сака да не охрабри да се чувствуваме посамоуверени и погорди со себе си, па со пример треба, со пример, не со зборови и туѓи идеи.