Santa please bring me Net Neutrality!

Овој пост нека биде мал прилог и потсетување дека не беше се сосема супер-розово и не победивме сите „НИЕ“ во сферата на новите медиуми ова лето 2006:’s “standout” grassroots coalition just won top honors as the “Internet Hero of 2006.”


“A grass roots organization put together by the media-reform advocates at, The coalition took on the most powerful players around (Congress and the telecommunications industry) to drum up support for Net Neutrality, the Internet’s First Amendment,” WebProNews’ Jason Lee Miller wrote in his year end summary of winners and losers on the Web.

“Because of Free Press,, and, an obscure, difficult to grasp concept won the support of 1.3 million petitioners, who made 50,000 phone calls to Congress, and spread the word to hundreds of thousands of others,” he added. “What’s happened in the last year has been nothing short of amazing, and those heroics should be recognized.”

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